We want to include young people in our work and offer them a safe space to voice their opinions and offer feedback. So, we’ve gathered a group of talented young people to advise us on our participation work, marketing, creative development and productions. 

All of our Young Advisers have previously taken part in our projects and productions, including our Young Playwrights’ Scheme, Petula and Academi Leeway.  
As part of the project, the group will enjoy the opportunity to network with each other at national level and attend shows, rehearsals and creative development workshops. 

Our current Young Advisers are:   

Alys Mai 
Carys Bradley 
Cerys Elen 
Del Evans 
Efa Maher 
Elen Jones 
Harvey Evans 
Henry Waddon 
Jona Milone
Kallum Weyman 
Kimberley Abodunrin
Laurie Thomas 
Lois Elenid 
Martha Ifan 
Miriam Sautin 

Thanks to them all for their commitment, advice and energy.  

If you’re interested in becoming a Young Adviser, please get in touch with our Participation Co-ordinator, Sian Elin, on sian.elin@theatr.com.