We’re committed to making our shows, projects and our day-to-day work as accessible as possible. Everyone deserves to experience live theatre through the medium of Welsh, and it’s an integral part of work to try and overcome some of the obstacles that may arise.


As part of our commitment to making our shows as accesible as possible, we:


  • Work with a Creative Accessibility Consultant on our Productions
  • Travel to locations and venues that are part of the HYNT accessibility scheme where possible (link)
  • Host performances with BSL interpretation on each of our touring shows
  • Provide accessible trailers for each of our Productions
  • Use bilingual creative captioning or our language access app Sibrwd at our performances to ensure that Welsh learners and d/Deaf audiences can access our productions
Two young friends sit on top of a climbing frame looking out at the world. Their legs hang over the edge. Both are wearing jeans and trainers. He has a skinhead and wears a drak grey, zip-up jacket. She wears her hair in a ponytail and wears a brightly coloured shellsuit top.

We aim to make our day-to-day work as accessible as possible too. We make a strong effort to ensure that there are no obstacles for company staff or external artists to work with us, and to ensure that information about our work and productions is easily accessible for all. As part of our commitment, we:


  • Provide our staff with regular training so they can develop their awareness of accessible working practices and learn more about some of the obstacles people face in their work and in accessing the Arts
  • Provide freelance artists with an Access Rider to learn more about their needs and what we can do to respond to any essential needs they have in order to facilitate their time working with the company
  • Work with external accessible marketing consultants to ensure all our communication work is accessible and open to all
Two young women sit next to each other on a table. One woman is talking and the other is looking at ther. A man is sat beside them also looking at the woman who is talking.

As we look to the future, we’re keen to develop our understanding of accessible practices and to build on the work we’re currently doing. If you want to learn more about our commitment to accessibility or to share your own ideas about how we can improve upon our efforts, please get in touch.