News 02/12/2023

Enchanting young pupils in wintery workshops

Image of Krystal S Lowe at Swyn workshops. She is a black woman in her thirties with afro hair. She wears a turquoise tshirt with a brown cardigan. She is holds a large copy of the book Whimsy, with an illustration of a young black girl. On the left, there is a mixed race young girl with short afro hair tied into small buns at the back of her head. She wears a green Mr Urdd tshirt with a blue cardigan on top. The young girl on the other side is white with brown hair tied into a french plait on her head.

Swyn’s national tour is well underway – but the show’s writer and performer, Krystal S. Lowe, and our Participation Co-ordinator, Sian Elin James, have already travelled to schools across Wales with the production’s powerful message of celebrating difference and nurturing self-love.  

In October, Krystal and Sian Elin spent a fortnight visiting primary schools with drama and dance workshops based on Swyn’s wonderful world. There was an opportunity for the pupils to learn more about nature, friendship, and to use their imaginations to create new characters. 

Image of a young black girl with afro hair tied  into two ponytails at the back of her head. She is wearing a light blue polo shirt under a grey pinafore. She holds her hand to her mouth her palm half closed.

During their tour, Krystal and Sian Elin travelled almost 500 miles – visiting 9 schools and working with more than 300 children. And the word is they had a lot of fun along the way!  

Krystal said: 

“It was an incredible experience visiting over 300 Welsh-speaking children leading up to Swyn's tour of Wales. Each and every one of those bright and beautiful children engaged uniquely in drama and dance along with Sian Elin and I. Together, we explored Swyn's animal adventure and emotional expression. I look forward to seeing them all again as we tour Wales this winter!” 

Sian Elin said: 

“It was such a joy to work with Krystal and children all over Wales on these special workshops! Thanks to the 9 schools for the warm welcome and to the pupils for all the fun in the sessions – it was amazing to meet you all. A very special ‘diolch’ to Krystal for being such a wonderful workshop partner and for creating Swyn’s world for us all!” 

Thanks to you both for captivating children across the nation with your work! Want to join in the fun? Grab your tickets for Swyn, on tour now. Click the link below.

A group of young children during the Swyn workshops. They are stood together smiling, with their arms stretched up. They are all dressed in school uniform.