From Montgomeryshire to London and then to America, very little prevented Nansi from venturing, as she charmed her audiences with her talent and unforgettable presence.



In the 1920s, with Nansi at the pinnacle of her career, she’s at a crossroads. Is there room in her life for another love – a love other than for the harp?

Today, the legends that surround her colourful life are as alive as ever. Here was a woman ready to take on the world – one who didn’t give a hoot for convention.

A new play by Angharad Price that tells the story, to the sound of the harp, of Nansi Richards’s enchanting personality.


Audience information:
If you are coming to see Nansi, here’s some information for you to prepare for your trip;
– Doors will open half an hour before the performance starts, and there will be a bar at the location selling alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks. The bar will close half an hour after the performance.

– If you’ve ordered your ticket beforehand but haven’t paid for it, you’ll need to arrive 10 minutes before the performance starts or we will have the right to sell your ticket.

– The seats aren’t numbered so you’ll be able to sit wherever you choose within the theatre space. Some seats are stools and some others have backs. If you are worried about the seating arrangements you are welcome to contact the Head of Marketing; / 01267 245617.

– The show will start on time. When it’s possible, late comers will be allowed into the theatre but only for up to 10 minutes after the start time. After that, it won’t be possible to access the theatre.

– The show includes stage haze and a flashing light. There will be two ushers in each performance – one by the main enterance and one by the fire exit.

– If you’d like to discuss access, please contact our Executive Producer; / 01267 233882.

If you are learning Welsh, below is a document for Welsh learners which includes information about the production and offers language support for when you watch the play; Pecyn Dysgwyr Nansi


Melangell Dolma – Nansi
Gwyn Vaughan Jones – Father
Betsan Llwyd – Mother and other female characters 
Martin Thomas – Cecil and other male characters

Creative team

Creative Team 
Awdur –
Angharad Price
Cyfarwyddwr – Sarah Bickerton
Cynllunydd – Carl Davies
Cyfansoddwr, Cyfarwyddwr Cerdd a Chynllunydd Sain – Dyfan Jones
Cynllunydd Goleuo – Joe Fletcher
Cynllunydd Sain Cyswllt – Gareth Brierley
Cynllunydd Cynorthwyol – Erin Maddocks

Additional Information

08 – 10 June: Criccieth Memorial Hall (Tickets – Newsday Cricieth – 01766 522 491)
15 – 17 June: The Institute, Llanfair Caereinion (Tickets – Menter Maldwyn – 01686 610 010)
*Post-show talk 16 June
22 – 24 June: The Paget Rooms, Penarth (Tickets – Foxy’s Deli – 029 2025 1666)
*Post-show talk 23 June
28 – 30 June: Aberaeron Memorial Hall (Tickets – Theatr Felinfach – 01570 470 697)
*Post-show talk 29 June
05 – 07 July: Tymbl Hall (Tickets – Menter Cwm Gwendraeth Elli 01269 871 600)
*Post-show talk 06 July

Full details of dates, times and tickets available below, towards the end of this page.

Post show talks:

Talks will be held during the tour about Nansi Richards and creating the production. The talks are all free and all held in Welsh.
16 June, Institute Llanfair Caereinion
9.10 – 9.30pm: Post show talk with cast and director, chaired by Sian James
22 June, Foxy’s Deli, Penarth
6.30 – 7.00pm: Pre-show talk lead by Mair Penri, about the life of Nansi Richards. Free but ticketed – Foxy’s Deli; 029 2025 1666
23 June, Paget Rooms, Penarth
9.10 – 9.30pm: Post show talk with cast and director, chaired by Siân Summers.
29 June, Aberaeron Memorial Hall
9.10 – 9.30pm: Post show talk with cast and director, chaired by Anwen Jones.
06 Gorffennaf, Tymbl Hall
9.10 – 9.30pm: Post show talk with cast, chaired by Catrin Beard.