• Criw Creu is a national project led by Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru with support from Literature Wales and Urdd Gobaith Cymru, for children who have additional learning needs. The aim is to ensure that young people have an opportunity to gain access to the Arts, by creating original work under the guidance of experienced and inspirational artists. 

The project started with a conversation with Ysgol Bro Pedr, Lampeter, the opportunity to meet a need in that school, and sponsorship from Western Power Distribution and Culture Step, through Arts and Business. Later, a national scheme was established in response to increasing demand, and by assessing the interest by means of an open call out. Read the story here


The project then went international with workshops in Cardiff, Aberystwyth and Bangor. You can see the pupils work of those schools in these three videos:

“It has been an incredible opportunity for our pupils to work on a short film originating from their own ideas. It’s wonderful to watch them, and to see them developing ideas, growing in confidence, and working together through the medium of Welsh in every session. They are all enjoying themselves and ask me every day when the next session will be.”  Stephanie Williams, Ysgol Plasmawr, Cardiff. 


“Our pupils are very eager to take part in the scheme, as the activities have been created specifically for them, and that is indeed a special opportunity.”  Angharad Evans, Ysgol Penweddig, Aberystwyth. 

If you are a school or a parent, and you’re interested in being a part of the Criw Creu project 2023,  we would like you to send us a written piece, a video presentation or a voice recording, explaining why you wish to take part in the scheme. 

For more details: Criw Creu 2023

Four young people sit around a table. They all wear a school uniform and Two of them wear face masks. They are all looking at each other. On the table there is a projector and a laptop. There is a whiteboard behind them with unclear blue writing on. On the walls behind them various pieces of paper with colourful writing have been stuck on.
3 young girls in school uniform and a young woman in formal clothing sit around a table. 2 of them are wearing masks lowered down around their chin. Two of their mouths are open mid-conversation. One of the girls is holding a pencil, and they are looking at a piece of paper that is on the table.
4 young people wearing school uniforms are sat in a classroom. One of them is a young female in a wheelchair. Behind them two young women are sat on top of a table. They wear lanyards around their necks and are dressed formally. Everyone in the image is looking into the camera and smiling.
Interior of a busy classroom. The walls are covered in multicoloured informational posters and pupils’ work. A mix of pupils and teachers are sitting in a circle together. Everyone is looking at one of the individuals who is mid conversation. Many of them are wearing face masks.
Three young male pupils are sat together on a table. They all wear a school uniform and one is wearing a black face mask. They are all smiling and looking directly into the camera.
Two young pupils in school uniform and a young woman in formal clothing are sitting on the floor of a classroom. There are pieces of paper and craft supplies on the floor around them. Two are staring down at a piece of work one of the pupils has created, and one is cutting a shape from paper using scissors.
Interior of a busy classroom. A mix of pupils and older individuals are sat on chairs in a circle. One young woman is sat on the floor writing on a large piece of paper and many of the pupils are looking at her. In the background some of the pupils are talking amongst themselves.