News 14/10/2021

Casting: PETULA

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August 012, National Theatre Wales and Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru bring you a brand-new adaptation of Fabrice Melquiot’s extraordinary play, Wanted Petula.


Directed by Mathilde Lopez, with a blistering script by Daf James blending Welsh, English and a little French, this production promises to be a giddy fairy tale and a surreal visual feast.

Petula is a dark, playful and piercing show about growing up, family and love.

Touring throughout Wales in Spring 2022.


We are casting the following roles to complete our company of adventurous, flexible and playful performers. 


Pwdin, a boy, playing age 12–16 (actual age must be 17+, i.e. not in need of a young performers’ license)

It is essential that this actor can speak Welsh.


A young boy, struggling with the loss of his beloved cousin. His grief sets him off in search for her, on a journey departing with reality.

We welcome suggestions of disabled performers and performers of all ethnicities for this role.


Amethyst Crappp, a woman, playing age 35–50

It is not necessary for this performer to speak Welsh.


We are casting a woman of colour in this role, so we would welcome suggestions of actors of African and Caribbean heritage, of South Asian or East Asian or South-east Asian heritage, those who have a Middle East or North African heritage, and actors of mixed heritage or from other minority ethnic communities.


Pwdin’s step-mother, she is an ex-vampire, or she used to be famous for playing a vampire in a London stage show. She additionally plays The Little Prince and Amy Winehouse.

We welcome suggestions of disabled performers for this role.


Mam, a woman, playing age 35–50

It is essential that this actor can speak Welsh.


Pwdin’s loving and chaotic mother. Additionally plays Gillian Anderson/Jean Millburn

We welcome suggestions of disabled performers and performers of all ethnicities for this role. 



Meetings for these roles will be held in late October 2021. Please get in touch now to express interest or to suggest your client.

Engagement dates

7 February 2022 – 10 April 2022. 


£590.85/ week.  

As required, travel, relocation and/or touring allowances will be provided in line with Equity rates.



Please contact us if you have any access requirements and we will endeavour to meet them. This includes flexibility for people with caring responsibilities.


Want to get in touch?

This breakdown has been shared via Spotlight with all UK agents, who are invited to submit their clients for consideration. We will work with the production’s lead creatives to select actors to invite to audition.

If you’re an unrepresented professional actor and/or you would like to speak directly to us about this project, please contact Mawgaine, in your choice of English or Welsh: